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Paddy Games

Colin’s sporting heroes are unlikely people – people like J. Naismith who in 1892 invented basketball, or his Massachusetts neighbour, W. J. Morgan who, three years later, wrote the rules of volleyball. 


The Paddy Games is not the Olympics. Instead it is an attempt to liberate sport from the shackles of rules and regulations. The Paddy Games is a mix of sport and performance art: a lot of one and a little of the other!

Paddy Games Website

Cool Running

With a preference for novel non-mainstream sports, Colin became interested in competitive backwards running as well as targeting the World Record in the 3-legged marathon.

After months of training, tied hand and foot, Colin and his running partner, John Meade, broke the 3-Legged Marathon World Record at the 2008 Cork Marathon, completing the course in a record-breaking time of 3 hours 25 minutes and 22 seconds.  Their feat was documented in the biopic “A Tale of 3 Legs” which premiered at the Cork Film Festival in October, 2008.



Later the same year, as the lone Irish representative at the Retro Running World Championships in Italy, Colin participated in the backwards running 400 metres and 800 metres and reached the final of the Retro Running 100 Metres.


Synchro ireland


In September 2009, female boxing was accepted as an Olympic sport leaving many to suggest it heralded the end of sexual discrimination in sport.  Not so! 


Colin established Ireland’s first ever synchronised swimming organisation and one of his key objectives is to become the first Irishman to compete at an international event.  Intrigued by Colin’s multiple world record sporting feats, the legendary BBC comedian, Paul Merton, visited Colin at his offices in Fermoy where he also attended a synchro swimming training session. The outcome of Paul's visit was screened on the TV series "Paul Merton in Europe" and may be viewed here:



The outcome of Paul's visit is screened on the TV series Paul Merton in Europe.

Adventurer Without Frontiers - TV Series


Colin travels the world participating in unusual sports in his bizarre quest to become not only Irish Champion but World Champion in the world’s oddest sports.  Together with Graham Little, Colin devised and presents the television series “Colin & Graham’s Excellent Adventures” which is aired in Ireland on RTE and BBC NI.  In the first series, Colin competed in international events in the following sports: Sumo (Japan), Horn Sleigh (Germany), Formula 4x4 (Iceland), Bull Surfing and Kabbadi (India), Body Building (Italy) and Camel Racing (Oman).



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