Colin Carroll: Adventurous Spirit


Ireland's Sumo Wrestler

Following a provisional meeting with the Irish Sports Council and relying on his legal expertise, Colin wrote the Sports Constitution for Sumo Ireland. As founding President of Sumo Ireland, Ireland became qualified to take a seat at the table of the International Sumo Federation.  In 2006, after jumping through bureaucratic hoops, Colin and Graham represented Ireland when they fought at the Austrian Sumo Open.

In October 2006, Colin pulled on his Sumo nappy again when he became the first ever Irishman to fight in the Sumo World Championships at Osaka, Japan.  In a 36 country draw, Colin was picked to fight the reigning Sumo World Champion.  Once he was flung out of the “dohyo” in the repêchage he then faced down the 3-time reigning European Champion, a legendary Russian martial artist.








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