Colin Carroll: BSc, MA, Dip Corporate Law

Colin’s greatest influence as a teenager was Mark McCormack. McCormack was the worlds’ first sports and entertainment lawyer who founded the global business phenomenon, International Management Group (IMG).  As a school child, Colin devoured McCormack’s books on business and negotiation tactics and others, boldly titled: “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School” and “The Terrible Truth About Lawyers”.

On completion of a Masters degree at universities in Loughborough, Brussels, Tilburg and Bilbao, Colin was recruited for IMG’s European Intern Programme.  It was there, in London, that he got to work directly alongside McCormack, negotiating the sale of property rights in sports television programmes around the world.



Colin has now come full circle, working alongside a different master, his father, Emeritus Professor of Law, as the fourth generation solicitor in the family practice.  Not to be outdone by the legal ingenuity of successive generations, Colin is keen to continue the family tradition of being a ground-breaking solicitor, maintaining traditions of old, while also venturing into new fields of business and law.

Employing the wisdom acquired after years spent working in various industries, Colin’s blend of first-hand experience of being in business on his own account, coupled with his legal expertise, offers his clients an unparalleled service and understanding. Furthermore, having lived and worked a dozen years in various countries prior to re-settling in Ireland, he has also acquired a fluency in a number of languages.

Colin deals with general private client practice but the majority of his work falls under the following areas:


Colin serves his clients from the firm’s offices at Carlton House, Fermoy, Co Cork, Ireland.



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